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Most think that the set of a gay porn movie is all hot times, hot hunks and even hotter cocks and I am here to tell you everything you have heard before is absolutely TRUE.

I recently had lunch in London with Porn star Jay Roberts who gave me some dish on what it was like to film his latest movie, "Consent", with But of course he not only talked about it, he also showed be some hot behind the scenes pics of him and his co-stars, sizzlin' hot Ben Brown and lusciously lick-able Aymeric DeVille.

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Jay said that the hours were long but the cocks were even longer, and there was not one complaint on the set about it! Some scenes of the the movie were shot in the middle of nowhere in a villa-styled mansion in Palm Springs, and Jay said the guys on the set weren't the only things that were on fire cos it was fucking over 100 degrees almost everyday!

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Jay also said that he got to know his co-stars quite well and they always had some "play time" after the scenes. I wonder what "play-time" included. I think I'm gonna have to ask for more details about that one! He mentioned how they would walk 20 min to the closest shopping center without any shirts on and how EVERY car would honk their horns. I told him that I bet it wasn't only the cars that were honking their horns!

All in all Jay said that the 2 weeks spent filming his scenes were probably the most fun he has had on set so far, and he can't wait to do it all over again and I am sure most of you will agree!

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