Beefy Man

Jeremy Matthews is a sexy, beefy man who likes men who know how to kiss long and hard. Ah, a man after my own heart. All the sucking and fucking aside, there's nothing hotter than falling on to a bed and getting tangled up in a long, passionate kissing session. If the guy can't kiss, you can move on to other things. But if he's a good kisser, the foreplay can turn a 20-minute quickie into two hours of sweaty, sensual sex. Jeremy Matthews is the latest man to turn up on Bear Films, and what a hot fucker! He's sporting a sexy beard, hazel eyes, and a short mohawk. And while he's not as hairy as I usually like, he does have a hot, beefy body. From the rear, he's got a great, big man ass, but that'll be strictly off limits because Jeremy is a top. How lucky! Jeremy has a beautiful fat cock with a bulbous cock head, and it's got to feel great plunging into your fuck hole. However, before he makes you ass sing, he's going to make you swallow that fat dick of his and give him a long, slow blowjob. And who would complain about that?



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