OMG! Derek Atlas is my new porn obsession, and I can almost assure you that after you take a look at these pics, he will also be-cum yours, too! This beefy stud is beyond amazing. He has a hunky body, and the best part of it all is that he likes to keep things natural! Chest, cock, ass - it's all hairy and delicious!

Derek has been making the rounds lately, and has been popping up on Randy Blue and now his latest shoot with Chaos Men, and to say that it's hot as fuck would be a total understatement! Now, he has gone as far as getting a finger up his ass but that is about it when it cums to his "gay" experiences. I know that his first full-on gay scene is probably just a cum shot away! Well, a gay's gotta have some hope!


I know this stud is gonna set the gay porn world on fire with his brand of husky heat! I love everything about him, and I know you will, too! For more of this stud check out his site and of course you can see more of him over at Randy Blue and Chaos Men.

So, pay attention, my fellow gays, and keep an eye out for this one, 'cos trust this queer - Derek Atlas is bringing the hairy built bang back to gay porn!

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