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Just when I think I've seen the hottest man alive at Men at Play, they up the ante and do it again. This site consistently debuts the hottest, sexiest, masculine hunks like Alex Marte, Ben Brown, and Paddy O'Brian; and now they've done it again with Gianluigi.

Gianluigi is 27 years old and he was born and raised in Rome, Italy. And he's pretty near the perfect man. He's wonderfully handsome with his sexy beard, chiseled jaw, and soulful brown eyes. He's got a pair of plump, kissable lips and you just know this stud could get you off in a hot, kissing session alone.

And as he strips out of his expensive suit, it just keeps getting better. Born and raised in Rome, His chest and arms are beefy and sculpted and his plump pecs are covered with a delicious mat of hair. And as you eyes travel down his beefy and hairy torso, you land right in his lap where your eyes gaze upon that jaw-dropping, thick, 8-inch uncut cock. Flip him over and he's packing a beautiful, round ass; it's smooth, but his legs are hairy. I could dive between those awesome butt cheeks and have an hour-long rimming session that would drive this Italian stud wild.

I can't wait to see what hot and sizzling scenes Men at Play is going to be doing around this beefy Italian hunk. And I'm anxious to see whether Gianluigi is a top or a bottom. Either way, I'm sure it's going to be hot.

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