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Marius is a beefy hunk who made his first appearance on UK Naked Men this week. And I'm sure glad he did - what a hot chunk of man. His name is Marius Mugler and Marius is a Roman name, from Mars, the god of war. I don't know about the war part, but this Marius sure looks like a god. He's a handsome bugger with beautiful kissable lips and a strong jawline, even a small dimple in his chin. The day's worth of face scruff is really sexy.

This British hunk's body is awesome; I love his chiseled and meaty pecs, and who doesn't like six-pack abs? Marius' cock is out or proportion with that fat mushroom-head cock head dangling off his shaft; but again, who doesn't like rolling their tongue around a plump crown? As we come to the end of this hunk's photo gallery, we're treated to the most delicious site - Marius lying face first on the bed with his round, beefy bubble butt exposed and waiting for some action. Wow! I'm not much of a top, but that ass inspires a long, slow fuck.

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