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Cosmo is a competitive bodybuilder; he's a beefy man with crushing muscles. Can you imagine snuggling up between those massive and solid thighs and nursing on his uncut cock? Cosmo is straight, but he doesn't mind getting his dick serviced by a hungry cocksucker; and from time to time he likes burying his stiff cock deep inside a tight ass. And if I know the guys at UK Naked Men, we'll get to see this hot muscle man pounding some poor bottom's ass soon enough.

Cosmo is a handsome stud - beautiful, deep-brown eyes, a square jaw, and plump, kissable lips. He spends several hours a week in the gym, keeping his body in top shape. His guns are huge, bulging mounds of muscle. Cosmo has a strong chest with deliciously dark-brown nipples. He sits back in a comfortable chair and spreads his beefy thighs; they're strong but not overly developed like with some bodybuilders. But still, you can see the thrusting power in those thighs. and his ass his round and firm.

But my favorite part of this beefy bodybuilder is his uncut cock. When soft, it hangs heavily between his legs and his dick is covered in thick foreskin. When hard, it lengthens nicely and his foreskin slides back, revealing a plump, pink cockhead. I can't wait to see this muscle stud in action, but for now, you'll want to head over to UK Naked Men and take in every inch of this handsome bodybuilder.

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