Because I Fancy Gentlemen

Because I Fancy Gentlemen is an absolute picture-rich gem of a blog, only partially awkward owing to its size. This young (20 year old) blogger is prolific. As one peruses the front page, traveling downwards, you meet some of the hottest men in the Universe. The poses are often professional - but not always. It is a hugely satisfying mix, made even hotter by the extremely obvious fact that this guy loves his subject matter - hot as hell men. As I tried finding something out about him, which I noticed at the bottom, uploads onto the screen were occurring at an incredible rate, pushing it further away and bouncing my station like a hard dick. That's not the end of the world as we know it, by any means and, the fact of the matter is, if one is surfing this hot site, who gives a shit? The images being numerous, merely give an additional sense of 'possibility' in the end. The quality of the images and those incredible subjects are truly amazing. This guy doesn't miss much. From sucking and fucking threesomes to cumshot paradise to underwear ad-quality International models showing us what they have, the lust muscle never get disappointed - and I do mean never. For that tribute alone, this blog deserves a long look.

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