The History of BDSM. Hmmm. Interesting. It's roots go back quite far from what I've read on this blog. Your main blogger is a 35 year old male from Vancouver BC Canada. He's researching for a book aptly titled : Beauty In Darkness: The History Of BDSM. Take a trip back in time through obscure sensored artwork portraying royalty engaged in some sadistic fun. Learn the correlation between true slavery and the playful kind. What forms a dominant Master? What goes through the mind of someone who lives to be dominated? How about the concept that sexual preference will eventually become irrelevant in the human race? As we move further and further into a more liberal society, our sexually oriented hangups are dwindling. The wealth and information on this blog is quite astounding actually. Even if you're not into BDSM or are just curious, one can take a fantastic journey into the dark past and predicted future of this intriguing fetish. Very cool read.

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