Beauty And The Bum

There's nothing more erotic than seeing hunky guys in tight fitting swimwear, especially if its wet and clinging. Unless it's really hunky and good looking men, celebrities and models, in skimpy underwear, stripping down and posing. Beauty And The Bum collects such images and places them on its various pages. It blogs about these guys, shows them off in pics, and lets us wander all over its realm of horny men, bulges and muscles. And yet I didn't find it gratuitous or a 'porno blog'. It's got a nice and professional look to it, it covers fashion as well as flesh, and it separates out its Adult area into another blog which you can access from the top menu. I guess what that means is that you can look around the latest fashion pics, get a little hot under the waistband with some wet swimwear pics, fuel your imagination with images of half-naked celebs and then finish yourself off in the Adult area. Or you can just enjoy the quality images and interesting writing of this neatly put together male blog.

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