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This Bel Ami episode takes your breath away, it's so fucking hot. First, the models - Jean-Daniel Chagall and Kris Evans - are wildly handsome blokes, right out of some hot modeling magazine. Secondly, the action makes you disregard any of that because it just takes off and never stops the sexy heat until a huge and satisfying ending. It begins with some foot licking and toe sucking and moves along to more action of a direct kind. Kris is the top in these scenes and Jean-Daniel makes for an appreciative bottom, especially sexy when he relishes every single stroke of Kris's large cock as it reams his hot behind. The postures and the camera work in these scenes are totally remarkable, somehow, as we get the most effective possible views of cock sucking, with Kris in the air above Jean-Daniel as he gulps down hot cock and Kris presses it further inside his eager mouth. In fact, the oral scenes are outrageously sexy - we get closeups and heated face pounding and the sounds of this hot love-making and face fucking are beyond sexy. Anyway, as Kris pounds away at Jean-Daniel's wide open ass, both guys are so wrapped up in what they're doing, it seems so natural and so fucking jazzed sexually it is just over the top hot. The cum shots at the end involve Jean-Daniel getting his face washed with jizz, his mouth wide open and Kris cumming in buckets.

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