Beautiful is an incredibly well-named blog, an outgrowth of the magazine by the same name. What the blog does is cross feed archives and project newer stuff into the same stream, giving us glimpses of interviews, pictorial series of the hottest names in modeling - and even some gay porn. Upbeat, sumptuous to look at, always - well - just fucking beautiful, the pages of this growing blog take us to exotic and very urban concerns and locations we may never have visited before. And of particular interest, they present a philosophy which raises the level of interest even more. Country kids in the city, showing off marvelous bodies as models, discussing their personal lives in interviews which are pointed and topical are always hot. I particularly liked the spread dealing with Paul Reitz about where he came from and why he went to New York. There was real depth to an interview about what being raised as a farm kid in farm country means, offering a gritty reality to many urban dwellers' assumptions. This is a really smart and absolutely stunningly well-laid-out blog. Which just figures, considering the world class magazine this site is from.

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