Beau Movies

Beau Movies styles itself as 'your guide to beautiful men in movies'. When I was viewing the site, it had not been updated for a while but it still had an interesting collection of titles and stills to view. There are various ways to check out who they have found, including a drop-down list of countries, genres, years and titles, and also a sample of three titles from each genre of Drama, Romance, Comedy and Thriller on the home page. The collection features guys from movies back to 1976 ('Sebastiane', Dir. Derek Jarman), and up to 2012 ('Excuse me for Living'). The countries are as widespread as Peru and India, so we're not just talking Hollywood hunks here. Having said that, you can still find Chris Hemsworth topless in 'Thor' and Channing Tatum in 'Magic Mike'. Each movie gets a brief synopsis or write-up and there are usually sets of stills by way of illustration. The other things the site is peppered with are adverts, and though these might be handy for some folk, I found them a bit annoying. But still, a neat place to check out if you're looking for topless, semi-naked or naked men from the movies.

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