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Spencer Reed is working the bar when this 22-year-old guy walks in. Cory Bengal is wearing a tail and carrying a teddy bear - he's a furry enthusiast - and Spencer gives him a hard time. "What the fuck is this get-up?" Cory says he's a furry and Spencer just says "What the fuck is a furry. That's fucked up."

When Cory starts mouthing off and gives Reed the finger, the barman decides that it's time to teach this punk a lesson. Some of the other bar patrons join in and subdue this punk while Spencer slaps him around a bit and asks him if he's sorry for mouthing off. Cory tells Spencer to fuck off. So they put this bad boy through the ringer.

Cory is held down and stripped, then he's force fed dick. Since he likes playing an animal, Spencer shoves a tail butt plug up his ass and makes him crawl around the floor saying, "I'm a rat, I'm a rat." Then the guys start gang banging Cory's ass. Someone finds some leftover animal masks from a party, so the guys don the masks and continue fucking this punk until they're ready to blow their loads. Spencer pushes Cory to his knees and makes him beg for his cum load. After a round of "please give me your cum" Spencer Reed splooges all over this punk's face. And after a few more loads, they send this bad boy on his way.

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