Beat Me Fuck Me

CJ Madison is a hot leather daddy with a big thick cock. And he's also one of my favourite Masters on the BDSM site Bound Gods. Madison is an imposing Master - he's muscular, he's hairy, he's well-hung, and he's merciless. Dean Tucker is a willing boy with a constant hard-on and he's bottomed for many of the Bound Gods men before. But when Dean sees Madison's big, thick cock, he wants it desperately. But before he gets the fucking he wants he's got to pay a heavy price. Madison bends the young pup over and takes a few cracks at his tender ass with a crop. Master Madison ties Tucker's hands behind his back and makes him endure the ass hook. Then he punished Tucker's butt a bit more with some hot wax and a whipping cane. But finally, for enduring all that his Master has doled out, Tucker is tied in the big, metal ball, and with his legs in the air, he gets to feel Madison's thick, hard cock.

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