Oh boy, here we go. You know I always run across a great site when I get a raging hardon as soon as I get past the warning page. LOL. For your information, the warning page is done in flash format, but for those with a fast connection, it loads pretty quickly and creates quite the interesting character to click on and enter the main area of the site. Neil Bruce is your artist and webmaster here. What the man does with leather and certified bear profiles in a graphic art context is incredible. Bald heads, chubby to large bodies, astoundingly furry muscular physiques, and leather chaps are a mainstay at Bearoticart. There are two galleries available to us, featuring 32 illustrations in both. Whether you like men who are large everywhere and hairy, or heavily muscled, they're all here. Cigar chomping, leather booted blokes who look just about as manly and real as possible are portrayed in one of the most unique artforms I've ever seen. I really can't explain why my own mind finds this type of illustration such a turnon, but I really try not to analyze it very much. It is what it is, and Bruce's work is nothing short of sensational. Also available are "Links" to more very talented folks trying their hands in a similar theme. Bearoticart is a simply laid out, yet wonderfully designed site showing off the most lustful of bear art. Highly recommended!

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