Bearotic Art is the website of one Neil Bruce, an extremely talented artist who features work in a number of mediums, including air brush art, some very primitive oils and acrylics and some striking sculpture. It is one of the most evocative collections of gay art I think I have seen. For my money, his sculptures are easily my personal favorites. But then, this is a strictly personal observation because the entirety of his collection is pretty stunning in general. Oh yes, this is a most certain "bear" working his artistic magic.Every single piece reflects the rough and ready style of the genre. Heavily muscled guys, rough around the edges, grab the skulls of others and force them to suck away at some splendid hard cocks. The domination theme is rife, one of the true appeals of any bearish moment, complete with hairy, heavy and forceful men in postures and situations which are the truest fantasies of the genre. These are further explained and explored in evocative, pictorial, painted and sculpted form. Neil exhibits his work in all sorts of locations and he has obviously become a "name" in his niche of fabulous artwork. A browse through his website will show you exactly why. I particularly enjoyed the Talking Heads music that greats one on entering the simple, easily navigable site. "Living on nuts and berries" sounds fun with the right bear, doesn't it??

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