Bearotic is a fun and light-hearted swing through some sexy bearish and otherwise interesting topics. I mean, any blog authored by guys named NetBear and Bigzfuzzy has got to have at least a little fun involved. Well, their stated purpose is this: "Bearotic was created by a couple of media-hungry bears who wanted to build an all-inclusive, light-hearted and low-stress place to share what's fun, amusing and even hawt." What it results in is not only the very predictable eye candy supportive of bears and bear aficionado's, but much of what is new, artsy, public, celebrity-driven in the wacky world of these two grinning and very capable bears. From shots of the newly-minted beards of celebrities to a review of this stunningly well-done picture book of the male form, these guys deliver us a really very cool website. They market a few things, supplying retail pleasures, as they put it, but they also present topical and insightful commentary on events. These guys are smart as well as sexy. The site is warm as toast, not composed of frontal nudity at all ("Office safe", as they put it), yet it is still pretty "hawt", which was their intent. This site was done with fun foremost in mind and they pull it right off, brilliantly, if I may say that. It is well worth a visit for laughs and giggles as well as for seeing how two mature bears word their world.

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