Well if you're into all out silliness then you should appreciate this stupid blog. Featured is a large library of videos of large men - both muscular and chubby - from around the globe engaged in posing, flexing, fruitless walks through the woods and other weird stuff. Put to each video is some of the cheesiest music you will ever hear. I have to admit that I had no idea how to take this site when I first saw it. Then I started up "Beach workout: Mature mini-bikinied Japanese bodybuilder" and somewhat understood. With a name like BearLOL, I'm guessing that the stabs at large to fat men is in jest. At least I hope it is. There are a fair amount of Japanese men in the videos, leading me to believe that the person who looks after this blog doesn't consider a male human bear as necessarily having to don a lot of body hair in order to

fit the bill. Japanese men are not particularly known for being very furry. Some of the videos are pretty funny as you wrinkle your brow in confusion watching some of the strange moves these guys make and ambiguous settings they are recorded in. I think you're supposed to laugh at this site but I'm not too sure. Maybe you'll get a kick out of it.

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