bearded muscle bear

If I wasn't already partnered and was looking for the man of my dreams, bearded muscle bear Paxton Hall would definitely catch my eye. He's ruggedly handsome with a bald head - I love bald men - and a salt 'n pepper beard. He looks a little rough, like he might snarl at you or cuff you up the side of the head while you're sucking his cock. And I love that in a man. Nothing hotter than a little manhandling.

Paxton has a beautiful solid body. His biceps and shoulders are nicely curved and each arm is wrapped in a tattooed armband. His chest is solid and covered in hair. He unzips the fly of his jean and we can see a patch of pubic hair. As the jeans slide down a little further, a thick, silver cock ring comes into view. Then as the this muscle bear pulls off his jeans, a big, meaty cock pops out. God, this is the kind of dick I love to suck. It's thick and hangs heavily between his legs - Paxton is definitely a shower.

As he stiffens his dick, his cock head plumps up deliciously fat. I love a mushroom-head cock and Paxton's would fill up my mouth nicely. Paxton has a navel piercing, which is kind of unusual for a man of 45. And his balls are furry, no manscaping here.

Paxton finishes the rest of his photo shoot, lying all over a billiards table. And then Pantheon Bear hooks him up with another handsome bear man, and Paxton fucks this bear's ass on the patio at the Lonestar. I'll post some pictures of this fuck session later in the week, but I though this hot bearded muscle bear was worth of a solo treatment. I hope you enjoy him. If you can wait for his suck and fuck duo, head over to Pantheon Bear and check out the preview video.

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