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You just can't have too many places to look at hairy, naked men. Recently when I was cruising through Best Male Blogs, I found a fairly new blog called Bearded Hunks.

And as you can guess by the site's name, this blog features sexy, bearded men. I recently grew a beard myself. I've always had a mustache, and for the past fifteen years or so I've had a goatee. But a few months ago, when winter started setting in, I decided to take the plunge and see how I looked in a beard.

It's one of the best things I've ever done. Not to be too stuck on myself, I have to say that on a daily basis I've got guys staring at me and smiling as I walk down the street. I was completely surprised. I'm not a troll or anything, I'm reasonably nice to look at, but this new beard has definitely improved my hottie factor and if my experience is any indication, today's gay man seems to like a man in a beard.

You may want to try growing a beard yourself, you might be pleasantly surprised at the attention you get. But if you're not willing to grow one yourself, you'll definitely want to check out Bearded Hunks, there are a lot of sexy men over there with hot mustaches, goatees, and full beards.

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