It's no secret that the world has gone Facebook crazy. But if you've ever spent any time creating a Facebook page and included a cock shot or a picture of a man's ass, you've probably also had you page deleted by the adult-content Nazis on the social networking site. My own Butch Dixon Facebook page lasted about 72 hours. I was careful about not showing any nudity on my page, but apparently a picture of a man touching his nipples set off the alarm bells and I was sent into the giant cyber trash can in the sky. Bearbook is a new site that aims to take the censorship out of facebooking while bringing bears and hairy-man lovers together. This site is aimed at the bear and hairy man community and has many of the features of its behemoth inspiration. For a small fee ($5.00 a year) members can post profiles and photo albums. You can cruise through other member profiles, send them private messages, or post in more public areas. Bearbook also has an area called The Buzz, which is a sort of Twitter roll of everyone's postings, so it's quite easy to find and make new friends. And if you found a hot video of your favorite bear jerking off on XTube, no worries, you can share it with everyone in Bearbook, and they'll be happy you did. Bearbook is a breath of fresh air. It's a place where you're free to be yourself and connect with other men, and you don't have to worry about your niece seeing pictures of bare-chested, 300-pound bears in pink tutus, or something worse.

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