Bear World Magazine

BWM, or Bear World Magazine, is dedicated to - yes, you guessed it - bears and the bear culture. It's a monthly magazine with a digital version coming along on the 15th of every month; it is all about everything bear, including entertainment, sports, personal stories and products. You can subscribe for deliveries and take part in prize draws for charity. Or you can simply flick through the past editions and catch up on your news, gossip and pics of hunky hairy men.

When I was looking at the site it was after the 15th of the month and new latest edition hadn't hit the web yet, but the previous month's was available, as were back issues, and there was certainly plenty to see. You need to find the front cover and then click 'go to link' in order to browse on line, and the initial size is pretty small, but you can enlarge it. Actually, you will need to enlarge it in order to read the text, and with around 80 pages of stories, articles, adverts and images per edition, you have a lot of time to put aside in order to get through everything this free online bear magazine has to offer.

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