Nothing hotter than watching a couple of hairy men going at it in the sun. Anthony Mengetti and Joe Falconi are featured in the latest action picture set at Bear Films, and this photo set was shot during the making of one of Bear Films popular movies. Anthony Mengetti is a hot, hairy man with a solid body. He's covered in tattoos and he's got some really sexy beard scruff -- I love a hairy man who doesn't shave every day. He starts of the gallery in a pair of black underwear briefs and he's packing quite the bulge. It's not long before bear man Joe Falconi is down on his knees and slurping back Anthony's piece of meat. Anthony sits back in a chair and lets the bear have his way with his dick. In this picture, Anthony mounts the bear and gets a hot rim job. And it looks like it's feeling pretty good. After bending Joe over and fucking his bulging bear ass, Anthony settles into a lounge chair. Joe lies back on the hairy man and jacks his cock while Anthony plays with the bear's nipples. It's a hot outdoor sex scene with sweating hairy men glistening in the sun.

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