Master roper Dart is doing something a little different this week on Bearbound. The gay bondage site doesn't just limit itself to typical rope bondage, but Dart tries all kinds of different things to keep his fans happy. This week Ironhorse has signed up to be Dart's willing victim in this mummification scene. Ironhorse starts off completely naked. And this hairy bear has a huge cock - no wonder he's called Ironhorse with a fat horse cock like that. Dart has bound together Ironhorse's hands in front, and then, he starts wrapping the hairy man in cellophane. Once his torso is wrapped, Ironhorse places his hands back in front of him, and Dart wraps him in a final layer of cellophane. And once Ironhorse is completely wrapped, Dart begins the final layer of duct tape, giving the mummified bear a sexy black sheen. When complete, the only thing showing is Ironhorse's fat cock, which Dart give a fews tugs to elicit and erection. With this hairy bear completely mummified, he's all Dart's to play with.

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