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Before Christmas I picked up the latest issue of Bear Magazine. It's a quarterly magazine packed with hot, hairy men. I no sooner get through the current issue and I'm salivating and waiting impatiently for the next issue. The men in the winter issue are pretty stunning; handsome men with big, beefy, hairy bodies and several had very nice cocks. But Bear Magazine is a lot more than just a parade of naked men across 66 pages. There's an article about three bear chefs, an opinion piece about Prop 8 and Don't Ask Don't Tell, and a fantasy piece about what might be hiding under those mascots we see at football games. There's an interesting piece called "Straight Bears Come Out of the Closet" that explores the emergence of fag stags - straight bears who like to hang out with gay bears. And of course there's the usual working out, fashion, and lifestyle fare that we find in magazines. There's even some hot fiction. I like Bear Magazine a lot. I love looking at the naked men, of course, but it's nice to have a magazine that focuses on my world. I don't have to wade through dozens of pages of shaved, 20-year-old guys and I don't have to pass through articles about pleasing my woman or why I need to cash in my wardrobe because square-toed shoes are suddenly gauche. Check out their website and they'll let you know where you can find Bear Magazine in your area.

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