What do you know, a free hookup resource for guys into wrestling and such. I find this an interesting fetish. I've met a few guys into this kind of play and they were all such jovial fellas. They just liked to roll around in singlets and get all sweaty and stuff. Well if you're that kind of guy then maybe you can hookup with someone in your neighbourhood for some wrestling holds and whatnot. When you first get in, under the Main Menu, click on Site Entrance. You're taken to the Bear Hug Submission Page where you can check out other guys' profiles and also where you can submit you're own. For free. Go to Bearhug Galleries to see a list of pictures of regulars to the site engaged in grappling, pics of wrestling holds being demonstrated, and a ton of other stuff. This site is very very big. It would take me forever to explain it all to you so if this kind of thing interests you at all, go check it out. The navigation is a little weird but if you're persistent and really don't want to miss out on anything I'm sure you'll figure it out. I did and I'm no brainiac. He He. Have fun!

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