BEAR FILMS cater to us lovers of men with natural fur coats, a few extra pounds (either with muscle or otherwise), and big, thick cocks. These are the rugged, plaid-wearing, construction worker type of dudes that momma may have warned you about. Thing is though, when I was young, when an adult told me not to do something, I indulged wholgheartedly! We've got four different hunky fellas here for ya all. There should be something here for everyone. Me, I want the mature black beast with the long pole and leather garb.


Damn I love this guy. He's got that mischievous look on his face like he knows I want that fuck stick between his legs something fierce. I'm right into black men to begin with. But there's something about this dude that gets my asshole itching for some serious pounding.


Tatted up, muscled up and erect, this manly man means business boy. He wants you down on your knees servicing his tool with all your might. Well shit, I don't think I'd have much trouble getting into that. Would you?


That touque really gives this bear a cool look in my opinion. He resembles my ex-boyfriend quite a bit. Even his cock is similar. From what I recall, it tasted fantastic! And always had just the right amount of musky scent and sweat covering it.

So what do you think guys? Does BEAR FILMS have what you may be seeking when it cums to your hankering for furry fellas? I know it does for me. I'll see you over there getting jiggy with all the lumberjack type mates. Mmmmm.

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