It's that time of year when all of the studios start launching their Oscar hopefuls to meet the Academy Award nomination deadline, and I thought I'd remind everyone that last year the gay cowboys took the awards by storm. Jeff Jarrett is a hot bear cowboy and he's a blast from Bear Films's past. He's a big, beefy bear with a barrel chest, tattoos on his arms and chest, and a pierced nipple. His full beard is very sexy, and when he takes that cowboy hat off, he's riding bareback underneath -- that's right, this gay cowboy is bald. Just the way we like them. Aside from his cowboy gear, he's featured in a number of different looks: tank top, sleeveless plaid shirt, but always pantless so we get a good look at his lower half. And who wouldn't want to be sharing a tent with this bear up in the Idaho wilderness. The nights are long and cold and you're going to need something warm to snuggle up to. I think this big bear cowboy will do just fine.

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