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I'm not a big fan of Facebook. I don't really like mixing my adult life with my nieces and nephews who friend me, and I work in gay porn so that adds a whole other level. I'm not ashamed of what I do for living, but it's just not appropriate to bring every facet of my life together in one place. For me to do much with Facebook, I'd have to become Sybil and split myself into two separate entities. And that's just too much work. Social networking is supposed to be fun. Bear Buzz is a site that seems to have solved all those problems for me. This Facebook clone lets you create an online profile and then you're off hunting bears. Whether it's for friendship, relationships, sex, or idle chatter, it's exactly what I need without all those relatives to shoo away. Bear Buzz also helps in the building of a community by providing pages on bear groups, events, and places to meet other men. Or you can just cruise through the galleries of pictures that other hairy men have uploaded ... you might see someone you like. I don't know how many men are registered on the site, but when I visited the site to write this post, there were 120 guys logged in. That's quite a group. So I think I'll set myself up with a profile over there where I can be myself.

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