Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis at the beach

As you all know, mega-hunk and mega-Brazilian ex-pornstar Harry Louis quit the porn world last year in order to fulfill his TRUE vocation: making chocolates and of course spending more time with his millionaire fashion designer boyfriend, Marc Jacobs (and no, I'm not at all bitter about the millionaire part!)

Well, it looks like Harry is taking a break from making his chocolates and is spending loads more time with Marc - and where do you go when you want to spend an intimate moment with your boyfriend du jour? To the sexy beaches of Rio de Janeiro, of course! Yes, these two lovebirds were caught last week having nothing but fun and frolics on the sandy beaches, and Harry was sporting some very tacky swimwear with hearts all over them. So not the look.

Marc Jacobs and Harry_Louis make out on the beach

Yes, his swimming trunks might not be the most fashionable, however what's underneath those trunks is... well... quite the TRUNK! Jesus, his dick looks very "excited" to be on the beach. I swear, he could have seriously injured someone on the beach with his Brazilian member. I can totally see why Marc Jacobs looks so damn happy.

It's nice to see them not afraid to suck face and be all "grabby" in public! After looking at these pictures I have come to one conclusion: Never, EVER wear white swimming trunks with hearts all over them. (yes, I'm THAT shallow.)

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