The cool thing about living by the beach is all the hot beach boys and surfers! When Bentley Race recently headed down to the beach, he thought it would be a good day to get some beach pics and do a little sufing. But things changed when he noticed a couple surf buddies riding a few waves. He went over to introduce himself and they said their names were Zoran and Mitch. Always a fan of amateur Aussies, Bentley asked if he could shoot them for his website... And that's when things got serious!


Of course, Ben - being the camera fan that he is - got some pics of Mitch and Zoran as they first arrived at the beach. They look like they can't wait to ride their boards - and love those lean swimmers bodies!


The guys got along great and were very comfortable with each other. They were playful with each other and Bentley, and they had a lot of fun as their day at the beach turned into a porno shoot.


And what could be better than two Aussie surfers fucking right there on the beach? These guys knew no shame - anyone could have come along and caught them as they each shot their loads!

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