I love a big, hairy man with some meat on his bones. And Keko is a hot specimen of bear. His chest is beautifully hairy, even his back his hairy. I'm afraid that after a night of slow, passionate love-making with Keko that you'll be pulling out the Hoover and vacuuming the bed sheets. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it sure is mine. And Keko's got a full beard, which just adds to his sexiness. Keko is getting ready to take a bath over at Bear Films this week. And while I love hairy men, I love wet hairy men even more. Keko lies back in a full tub and the hairy on his belly starts to curl in dark, wet swirls. He plays with the bubbles, smearing them on his nipples and even his face. He lets some of the water out of the tub, and then, settles in for a wet jack off session. His big bull balls are flopping in the water and getting him even more excited. And then, he blows a nice cumshot all over his wet, hairy belly. The nice thing about jacking off in the bath tub is that clean-up is a breeze.

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