Bath House Fucking Is HOT!

I don't know of one single guy that does not get turned on by a sauna or locker room full of hunky men, all sweaty and naked right after a hard workout at the gym. Not ONE single guy. O.k, o.k maybe a straight guy, but even still, just the idea is deliciously sabroso!

Well, the latest scene for Bath House Bait is what gay porn fantasies are all about! Sweaty, hunky gays getting changed in the locker room. Then the towels come flying off and BOOM! They are all fucking and sucking each other dry! That is exactly the action that should be going down in ANY locker room!

Trey Turner, Mitch Vaughn and Parker London locker room orgy

This scene stars none other than hot and luscious bottom hunk Trey Turner, and he really likes to take cock up that bubble butt! The one that does almost all of the fucking here is hunky-spunk Mitch Vaughn, who loves to get his hot rod into any tight space - it seems Trey's ass was asking for a mega-deep pounding and that is exactly what he got!

This orgy is non-stop hardcore action, and everyone on the locker room got more than what they bargained for. You won't see any of them complaining; just mega, mega moaning and groaning!

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