"BASTINADO: the European name for a form of punishment common in the east, especially in Turkey, Persia and China. It consists in blows with a light stick or lath of bamboo upon the soles of the feet." Holy shit! I have known about this form of torture for many years myself - mostly through movies and what I've read. But I had no idea that there were people who actually engaged in it voluntarily. Even for a person who doesn't get turned on by this kind of thing, the wealth of information on how to perform this most intense of disciplines, and the history surrounding it, may be good for an informative time. Apparently it's supposed to be one of the most painful things a human being can experience without passing out or going into shock, if kept to a certain limit. A light tap is all that's needed where administration is concerned, as opposed to a hardcore smash. There have been times in my life where I fell or stubbed my heels, and I must it was pretty painful to say the least. For those who don't appreciate this sort of fetish, stay away unless the curiousity is killing you. Those who open their minds to everything, you should get informed here for sure.

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