By now, and unless you've been medicating on paint thinner (which you may choose to start doing if you haven't heard this yet), pictures of a trip IAC executive and notable gay squijillionaire Barry Diller went live on Tuesday and obscenely opulent lifestyles of the rich and famous will never be the same.

The story goes something like this: last Thanksgiving (that would be 2009), Diller, co-homosexualists David Geffen and Sandy Gallin, a one-time talent manager whose power line-up included Michael Jackson and Barbara Streisand, Aaron Fox, his twin brother Bryan and a couple of other nameless, faceless boys traveled half-way around the world to Papua New Guinea where they boarded Diller's boat - the largest sailing vessel in the world, no less - caroused, drank and did things that most of us only read about on Gawker Media blogs.

But what makes this story so rich (insert pun) isn't that a) the story even leaked b) Diller's alarmingly high *cough* vacation expenses *cough* seem completely out-of-proportion to his company's lousy stock performance c) everyone seems a little (okay a lot) older than their natural milieus - Fox twins as twinks, Diller as virile corporate executive - or even d) that Diller is legally married to famed fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg which technically makes him heterosexual. No, what makes this story so rich is that Valleywag editor Ryan Tate (who's a terrific writer, btw) treats this story exactly as it should be treated; this is a story of disgusting excess by a lecherous old man who has refused to pay raises for any of his employees in three years.

Okay, yeah, sure, we can pretend to ignore the 500-pound elephant in the room - the rich are different from us, even and especially the gay ones - but the fact remains that nobody would give half-a-Papua-New-Guinea-kina about an overweight man in his 60s paying for the affections, or anything else for that matter, if it were John T. Produce Manager of local supermarket getting frisky with part-time employee Billy, the star of the local track team.

This, naturally, is a good thing when you think about it because at least now when we read these sorts of things, we aren't trained to recoil in reflexive shame because the media only prints the sordid side of the gay life. Now we realize that even overvalued douche bags like Barry Diller are avaricious clowns who exploit the people who put him where he is and then take advantage of their contributions by vacationing in the sort of style normally reserved for sheiks and monarchs. Even the gay ones.


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