Barrett Cole features animated artistry, putting some great fictional erotic gay stories to his drawings. The site is a bit unique in it's navigation. Use the drop down menu to get around. In existence since 1988, Barrett Cole Productions have succeeded in supplying the world's highest quality and most explicit hardcorem, studbusting, homoerotic and fictional stories. As a guy who is getting more and more into animated porn, I can tell you that what these people put out is most definitely hardon material. While I'm sure we can all appreciate the artistry itself, when you're reading some of these stories and checking out all the incredible animated studs, it's easy to forget it's all not real. And I do believe that's the whole point right? It's fantasy so real, it's real. A very hard thing to accomplish at the best of times. The art is both unique, well executed, and the prose is very well written. A nice looking site with some great content. What more can you ask for?

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