This Batman has the costume mostly down but he needs some work on his whole Batcave setup. For one thing, that's daylight peeking in the other room and the operative part of Batcave is cave. Also Batman doesn't have a flip phone. He never had a flip phone. He doesn't have a flip phone. Batman doesn't have a flip phone. Does everyone understand what I'm saying? Does Batman understand?

And Batman doesn't have facial hair because he doesn't want to be confused with Chuck Norris. Nobody wants to be confused with Chuck Norris, except whoever wants to fuck Chuck Norris'siz's's wife. Which is nobody.

Most importantly, the real Batman (while technically aware of being a billionaire playboy) doesn't actually want to pick me up on Grindr, while this guy so does. But be careful. He says he's in an open relationship with Robin but Robin thinks they're monogamous. It's just not right. Not in the DC Comics universe. Not in any universe. Have some respect for Robin (off camera, sensing something's wrong, sobbing).

batman cheap

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