Bareback Sex

I stumbled across Epic Men yesterday and I could wait to blog about the site. I see a lot of gay porn sites come and go, and after a while, you almost get a sense about what's going to fly and what will flop. And it seems that every month there's another new bareback sex site on the scene. Epic Men is definitely going to become a popular site. It's a nice looking site, first of all and it's well-organized. But I was really most impressed with the variety of guys that they have performing on the site. Kayden and Santiago up above are an example of two of the guys that they have on the site. Kayden bareback fucks Santiago with his big cock before eventually exploding a nice load of cum all over his face. These pictures really got me interested so I visited the Epic Men's free tour and I saw many more guys that I wouldn't mind having a private session with. Monkey is this hot, Brad Pitt look-a-like, except he looks rougher and sexier than Pitt. And apparently he's just become somebody's house boy -- lucky them! Take a look at the site I think you'll be impressed with the quality of pictures in their free tour.

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