Treasure Island Media's 20 Load Weekend

I remember the first time I became aware that barebacking was a thing. In 2004, I heard about a DVD called "Dawson's 20-Load Weekend" where a guy went on a weekend raw cock crusade. When it was over, 20 men had left their sperm in Dawson's ass. I was shocked.

But back then, bareback sex was underground, a dirty niche that bristled big studios producing condom porn. A decade later, bareback sex in videos is everywhere. Grand daddies like Hot House, Titan Men, Raging Stallion Studios, and Channel 1 Releasing refuse to go raw. And while they continue filming inside their latex bubbles, barebacking has become the new normal.

So what happened? Three things: medicine, meth, and money.

HIV antiretroviral cocktail

An entire generation of gay men have only read about the terrifying first wave when AIDS didn't even have a name and men were dying in droves. Many gay man today think about HIV as something we choke back with a handful of pills. No big deal.

Even some negative men are taking pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP, or Truvada as the brand name pill is called) so they don't become infected. But Truvada has one nasty side effect: Gay men can become quite blase about HIV. Take Truvada, assume the position, and have your own 20-load weekend. Again, it's no big deal.

If you're positive and on the cocktail, your doctor has likely told you that your viral load is "undetectable." To many, that sounds an awful lot like "isn't there." Cured. The virus is still there, but current monitoring tests are unable to detect the virus below a certain threshold, think of it as trying to find one red ball in the IKEA ball pit filled with yellow balls.

So when there was no treatment for HIV, we were scared and used condoms. Now, we have some pretty good treatments, we're relaxed and more of us are barebacking.

On the sinister side, meth and other recreational drugs make it hard to think straight about anything, let alone safer sex. With ecstasy dancing through my brain and a bump of K up my snoot, the last think on my mind was a condom. I almost lost a friend to meth, or Tina as it's quaintly called. He got help before Tina raped him of everything, but she did leave him with souvenir. HIV.

Bottom lines aside, many think that gay porn should teach younger men about safer sex. But isn't porn entertainment?  

Many safer-sex advocates claim bareback porn encourages gay men to do it. I think it's the opposite. Increased barebacking in private means that we want to see it in porn. And we are looking for it in huge numbers. And even if we're not barebacking ourselves, many of us don't want to see rubbers in porn. They aren't sexy.

Supply and demand drives business. And porn is a business. Ethics in business is a nice idea, but ethics don't pay the bills and when your customers are stampeding over to a bareback site, it's easy for many to shift that line.

Chaos Men released their first raw scene in 2008. Before that, bareback porn had been more about the culture of barebacking - anonymous sex, load taking records, hole breeding - but Chaos Men's straight guys were now simply fucking without rubbers. Over the next three years, other sites followed like Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody who both went bare in 2011.

By the time Broke Straight Boys released their first condomless scenes in 2013, bareback sex was no longer stop-the-presses news. Today, going raw isn't newsworthy unless you can drag up the "I will never bareback" quote. Both Austin Wilde, owner of Guys in Sweatpants, and Stephan Sirard, president of Next Door Entertainment, had come out publicly against barebacking. Both were ridiculed when they began producing condomless scenes in the previous months.

Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas was a loud opponent of barebacking, so he took a lot of heat when he moved Lucas Entertainment into condomless production in September of 2013. In a recent interview with Queerty, among other things Lucas touches on the economics of bareback porn: "We have about 20 full-time employees, with benefits. I don't think that would be sustainable based only on the demand for porn with condoms."

Bottom lines aside, many think that gay porn should teach younger men about safer sex. But isn't porn entertainment? When did a gay porn video become a classroom? And why aren't we also demanding Hustler teach straight people about safer sex?

Love it or hate it, bareback sex is here to stay. And as the flood of free porn continues, we'll see more porn giants trying to prop up falling revenues. California is grappling with mandatory condom use on porn sets. But they'll just end up legislating themselves into the poor house as the entire porn industry moves to Las Vegas.

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