If you've never been to a gay gang bang, you ought to treat yourself. They're a lot of fun. And don't get the wrong idea, while this photo is taking from a bareback video featured over at Hot Barebacking, you can have just as much fun at a condomed group sex party. One doesn't preclude the other, but you do have to read your party invitations clearly. The hot thing about gang bangs and group sex parties is that everyone is there for one reason -- sex. It's not like Friday night at the local watering hole where everyone is out looking for Mr. Right or Mr. The Rest of My Life. At a gang bang, they're looking for cock. I remember one affair I attended, there was a hot, hairy man there. He had made a couple of porn videos and I figured he was way out of my league. When I spied him sitting naked on a couch, I thought, "What the hell." So I walked over to him, leaned down, and asked, "Can I suck your cock?" He said, "Sure," with a little giggle, as if to say, "D'uh!" And I guess I did alright because he invited me over to his place for several repeat performances over the next few weeks. That's the beauty of the group sex scene -- it opens doors you might otherwise have been afraid to knock on. These studs in this Hot Barebacking video are sucking and fucking and generally tearing the place up. You won't want to miss it.

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