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Butch is a hot-looking guy with close-cropped hair. He's got a strong, beefy body and an ass that's worthy of a long, slow fuck. He's paired up in this scene from Bareback That Hole with Sage, a dark-haired tattooed guy who loves fucking ass bareback.

Sage and Butch start off this scene kissing and fondling each others' cocks. Butch loves sucking dick, so he quickly kneels and buries his face in Sage's crotch and deep throats his stiffening rod. Sage orders Butch onto his stomach and works his wet and slippery tongue between Butch's firm butt cheeks.

Once Butch's ass is lubed with spit and ready for a fucking, Sage lies back and Butch mounts him, Sage's hard dick inches into Butch's bare fuck hole. Butch is really getting off on Sage's big cock sliding deep into his butt hole. Then Sage throws his buddy on his back and really starts driving into his ass. Butch is ordered back onto his stomach where he spreads his ass cheeks wide open and Sage drives his cock balls deep. Butch loves this and yelps with pleasure. After a few more minutes of raw fucking, Sage is ready to blow his load and he nuts his spunk all over Butch's puckered rosebud. Then he slips his cummy dick inside and pumps out the last drops of cum inside Butch's butt hole.

Butch jerks off all over Sage's belly then eats up every drop of his own spunk. Then these two horny barebackers swap cummy kisses. Head over to Bareback That Hole and watch the free preview of this raw fucking video.

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