sacfree-medium.jpg I have a read a lot of reviews in my short time here on Planet E. Movies. Small electronics. Life-like vibrating dildos with rechargeable battery sets. But I don't think I've ever (never, never ever) read one on a balls-free pair of underwear, in this case the 2005 sacfree, a German-made pair of undies. I mean, I may have worn a pair or two - C'mon guys, Paris? 1999? - but I've never read what I was supposed to think to ask about them before buying a pair. Luckily, Marty Beckerman (who has written for Salon, Esquire and the Daily Beast) did and now we won't have to sweat the small stuff or our balls.

Marty takes the underwear through all the necessary stress tests including walking around ("When strangers pass on the street, you feel like a creep."), moderate exercise ("It didn't improve my cardio routine, but it didn't hurt either. Another surprise: my balls were completely sweat-free afterward.") and as a tool in the seduction of a fiancé. (""Those look ridiculous." "You don't have a new attraction for touching?'" I asked, heartbroken.")

Overall the writer ends up smitten with the ball-less fashion accessory and only hopes that the Croatian BallBra comes close to producing the sort of je-ne-sais-quoi of sexual titillation that the iconic and sadly discontinued sacfree pair of undies provided. But, take hear, of lover of free-range ball. They can always be redesigned, can't they?

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