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I ran into a man like this on the street last night. I went out for a walk last night and left my partner at home. As I headed up the street in the gay village, I noticed a hot bald stud walking on the other side of the street. He kept looking over, and then, when I stopped to chat with a friend on the sidewalk, he stopped on his side, too. After bidding my friend a good night, I crossed the street and walked past this sexy bald man. He was smoking his cigar and posing on the sidewalk. Our eyes met and I said, "Hello." And as I passed by he replied, "Hot man!" I smiled, but continued up the street; I wasn't going out for sex, so I wasn't in that frame of mind, besides how would I explain to my partner that I went for a three-hour walk?

As I got to the lights, I noticed the bald, tattooed man was following me. I ducked into a store to get something to drink and I figured that was the end of it. But as I sat on a concrete planter on the sidewalk outside the store, this bald man was standing in the courtyard of the apartment building that was right there. So I thought, "What the fuck," and I walk up to him. He towered over me and I looked him in the eyes and said, "Can I have a kiss?" We edged closer together and kissed. It was a very nice kiss, or rather, a long series of tender and horny kisses. He groped at my track pants and slid his hand under the waistband. And then, I said, "Sorry, I have to go." He just looked at me, shook his head, and said, "Woof! The things I could do to you!"

I wish I had had more time, I would have let him do whatever he wanted. Because when you look like this bald tattooed man does, you can have your way with me. Anyway, I'm all hot and bothered again, so I'm going to head over to Butch Dixon and watch this tattooed fucker jerk off.

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