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Dirk is a sexy, bald man with a bodybuilder's physique, a hot bald head, a beard and a very hairy body. He wants to get into porn, straight porn. He's sitting on the Bait Buddies couch with Brian Bonds, who is already well established in the gay porn world. Dirk has shown up to do an audition before he does a scene with a chick, but the producer tells him that he can double his fee if he'll do a gay blowjob scene with Brian.

Dirk barely even nods his approval and Brian jumps on him and starts kissing with him. You can see that Dirk is weirded out by this and tries pulling away. After they finally do a bit of kissing, Brian sucks Dirk's dick. It's a nice one, about 8 inches long, and this straight man enjoys the blowjob. He's coming around a bit to this guy-on-guy stuff.

Then it's Dirk's turn to blow his new buddy. He's hesitant at first, but eventually does okay. He sputters and gags a bit when he deep throats Brian's cock, but doesn't seem to mind giving head as much as he thought. After Brian shoots his cum load all over Dirk's face and in his mouth, the producer asks, "So, how was it?" Wiping cum from his eyes, Dirk grimaces and doesn't really say anything. But the look on his cum-glistening face says, "Bleah, it's not for me".

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