Bald Straight Man

As I surf around gay porn sites looking for stuff to blog about, I come across a lot of straight men - or the site owners would have us believe their straight. And I suppose a great many of them are. I oscillate on this issue. Sometimes I wonder why any straight man would sit side by side on a couch with a buddy - or a stranger - and beat off for an audience of gay men. I've ask a really open-minded straight friend of mine if we would do this and he says absolutely not. And then, at other times, think the world and attitudes are changing, it's not about who you fuck or how, it's about getting off. And then, there's the whole gay for pay - men who will be gay if you pay them enough money. I don't know where Thomas here fits in, but he's straight. And he's hot. And he certainly seems to get off showing off his naked body to the camera. He seems to relish in the attention. He holds his big, 8-inch-cock up for for the camera and looks right into the lens as if expecting to see our reaction. He bends over and show us his hairy ass and his deep ass crack, spreading his cheek a bit and teasing us with his fuckhole. And then, he lies back on the sofa and starts pumping that thick stump of his until he shoots an amazingly thick load of cum for us. I don't know why straight men do this, I'm just glad that they do.

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