Bald Slave with Hands Bound Above Head

Slave with Weights on Balls

Extreme Nipple Play with Clamps

CJ Madison is one of my favourite men working in gay porn today. He's a handsome and beefy muscle man and he's swinging large, with a beautiful, meaty cock hanginly heavily between his legs. He's also one of the regulars over at Bound Gods, and this muscle stud knows how to keep his slaves in line.

Adam Russo has been reading a bondage novel and jerking his cock; he falls asleep and when he wakes up, this bald slave finds himself in a dark dungeon. He's on his knees with his hands bound above his head, and his dick is rock hard. Across the room, he sees a hulking mass of muscle stroking his huge cock. CJ Madison walks slowly toward Adam and emerges from the darkness. The master strokes his cock inches from this slave's mouth, and Adam whimpers and begs to worship this beautiful, meaty cock.

CJ beats his new-found boy, then clips nipple clamps onto his slave and makes him howl. But he's not finished yet. This cruel master hangs heavy weights from Adam's balls and the slave cries out in both pain and pleasure. Finally, he gives his slave what he wants and Adam slobbers all over his master's huge cock. Adam is thrown onto a bed in the middle of the dungeon; and with his hands bound to the headboard's metal rungs and his legs suspended in the air, Adam gets a hard fucking that he won't soon forget. Madison uses is slave's ass until he's finally ready to burst, then he splatters his thick and creamy load all over this cocksucker. When it's all over, Adam wonders if it was just a dream. But his burning asshole has him believing otherwise. Head over to Bound Gods and watch the free video of this sizzling BDSM scene.

Bald Slave Licking Beefy Master's Boots

Bald Slave Sucking Big Cock

Slave Tied Up with Legs Spread Wide

Bald Slave Getting Ass Fucked

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