There's something about a bald man... something hot. More and more, bald is beautiful, but it's more than that. Bald is masculine and now we're in the 2000s, bald men are considered confident and assertive - the essence of what a man is about.

More and more stars and celebs are going bald. Macho wrestling stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and the bearded and bald Rory McAllister epitomize what bald is all about - strength and masculinity. And bald Star Trek star Patrick Stewart was voted "Most Bodacious" man by TV Guide for his strong presence, authoritative voice and extremely sexual presence that drove both men and women wild.

So what else is it about bald men? Why do so many men - and women - find them irresistable? 20 years ago, no man wanted to be bald. Today, being bald is something totally different - something desirable and sought after.


Being bald gives a man a clean look as well as allowing the focus to go on his face rather than his hair. But do you want the truth? Attitude says it all - and men who shave their heads or accept their baldnes have the kind of attitude that translates into being very fuckable.

There are dating sites for those who are interested in dating or fucking guys with no hair. There are web communities for bald men who are proud to be bald. There are plenty of couselors, advice columnists and talk show hosts who tell us that bald men are sex magnets - and that does seem to be the case.


And there are more bald men appearing in both gay and straight porn. Some sites, like UK Naked Men, have a lot of bald models, and surfers are finding this a real plus. The times have definitely changed for the better when it comes to bald men!

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