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Tim Phillips is a hot daddy who just hit the pages of Hot Older Male. And this San Franciscan man must be burning up the streets of that town. Can you imagine running into him in the ice cream section at the corner grocery store? Talk about a meltdown.

At 56 years old, Tim Phillips is at the height of his daddiness. He stands 5'9" and weighs a lean 165 pounds, but he's solid. I love his bald head and his full beard. He's one of those shy daddies, doesn't really know he's as hot as he is; but once you get him riled up, you're in for a sweaty good time.

And if you like feasting on daddy cock like I do, Phillips will fill your next couple of jerk-off fantasies with some slobberingly good cock sucking sessions. Seeing this hairy, bald man lying back and holding his meaty cock inspires a long, slow blowjob. You wouldn't want to be in a rush with this one. Phillips has a dick that's designed to be worshiped.

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