Oh dear. What more can you say about a big cock like this? Tom's a little guy, standing 5'7" and weighing 130 pounds, but he's got an 8.5-inch cock. The little guys consistently have the biggest cocks. And I think there should be some kind of a bell curve for cock size. You know, to give us bigger and taller guys a fighting chance. At 67 inches that would give Tom about .126 inches of cock for every inch of height, so at 5'10" that would put me just shy of 9 inches. Yes, I like that much better. I have a 9-inch cock. Anyway, back to reality, Tom's a hot guy and he's featured in another cowboy-type gallery at UK Naked Men. He's lying naked on a few bales of hay and stroke that big, hard cock of his. Tom's a slender guy and he could just as easily be cast as a skinhead as a cowboy. He's got a lean and trim body that's covered in light-blonde hair. He's got a good set of balls on him and a couple of hard, perky nipples. And you're going to enjoy watching him lying back on the hay and pulling one off.

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