Bald Bear

I'm a cock sucker at heart, so any time I see a big-nobbed cock, my mouth starts limbering up. Adam Rivers is a bald daddy from Bear Films. He's made several appearances in picture galleries and videos on the site, but he stopped by again yesterday for another look at his big nob. Look at that delicious mushroom head. Wouldn't you love wrapping your lips around that? Sliding your tongue under those deep ridges and driving this daddy crazy? Sounds like a hot time to me. In picture after picture, I'm just amazing at how plump Adam's cock head is. He's playing around a pool and goes in for a dip. And as he floats around that big-nobbed dick is sticking out of the water like a fleshy light house. And if you head over to Bear Films now, you'll also see two photo galleries and three videos of Adam using that big cock of his. But you'd better grab yourself a towel because watching a hairy cock sucker slobbering all over that juicy fat cock will get you excited. You might have an accident.

Bald Daddy

Bald Man Jacking Off

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